November 11, 2009

Halloween recycle

My daughters and I, we have a halloween tradition. We paint and decorate glass yards that we collect from
the whole year.

We use them as halloween decorations with the traditional pumpkins.  Just add a candle.
Take a look to my pictures.

September 18, 2009

Recycle Rubber Tires

Rubber tires material is one of the most interesting materials to recycle.

Portable Speed Bumps and Speed humps

Firstable I think it is a great idea to have portable speeds bumps, I want one of those to put in front of my home!!!  but also is great that they are made from recycle rubber tires.

I found this company trafficlogix located in New York that build portable speeds bumps and speed humps from rubber tires.

Keep doing the good job.

Rubber Mulch

Last month the HOA in my community decided to reeplace the wood chips from the community park's playground for rubber mulch. We really celebarte the change;  It is safer and more fun.

What a great idea and it is made from recycle rubber tires!!!

Rubber mulch is aslo used for landscaping decoration and equestrian Arena. How cool is that!!!

Here is the link of one of the companies that sell Rubber Munch in California:

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September 14, 2009

Christmas recycle

I know it is September, but I am already thinking on that wonderful time of the year. Christmas.

Ahhh!!!. Yes I have some wonderful ideas of material recycle for Christmas.

What do you think of taking your used potato chips bags to elaborate this cutes bows for your gifts?

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April 27, 2009

How to start a recycling program?

To start a recycling program there are a lor of resources, specially in the web.

I decided to start a recycling program myself in my work place and I began to search for any ideas and resources.

In some states like California you actually get some cash for you empty cans and bottles, It is a nice way to get extra cash and at the same time helps the earth.

By clicking on this link: recycle bottles and cans I ordered a new recycle kit to start.

I ordered my recycling started kit and in about 2 weeks I got by the mail a very nice box to collect the cans and bottles.

 I probably will use the cash that I get to buy some water or candies for the people in the office.

I love my new recycle box!!! . This program is soo easy to start and it is Free!!! you can do it in the gym, in the school, in church... Get everybody involve.

March 17, 2009

recycling my old shoes?

Yes my friends. Believe it or not. Those old, smelly tenis shoes that you wore when you ran the 5 miles in your kid fundraising marathon are RECYCLE.

Nike has a recycle program where you can send your old shoes and they will TRANSFORM them into new shoes.

you can get more information in this link: Reuse-A-Shoe

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February 17, 2009

Switch covers plates from cans and containers

I was looking for more innovating ideas today and I found switch covers some people say: plate covers made them from metalic cans and plastic containers. Very interesting project. This is the touch that you need to decorate any room at home!!

January 7, 2009

made from juice pouches

Who would think that something that some people call trash would be material to make beautiful crafts:
I found these nice and resistent juice pouches: Yes the same juice pouches that your kids drink everyday at lunch in the school.

With a little of work and imagination you can trasform these empty pouches in cute purses.
If you have juice pouches and want to donate them or sell them for recycling.
email me at:


This is the purse that I made: No bad!!!

If you want to create these purses yourself follow the instructions in this page:


Hey here is a new cool idea to recycle this Juice pouches,  your pet will love it.  A pet placemat.
Because these juice puches are totally easy to clean.

This place mat is perfect to keep clean your floor where your pet eat, and it is very easy to clean.

My daughter's puppy looks so pleased with his new place mat !!!
Have fun recycling and helping to save our planet earth.
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