January 7, 2009

made from juice pouches

Who would think that something that some people call trash would be material to make beautiful crafts:
I found these nice and resistent juice pouches: Yes the same juice pouches that your kids drink everyday at lunch in the school.

With a little of work and imagination you can trasform these empty pouches in cute purses.
If you have juice pouches and want to donate them or sell them for recycling.
email me at: greentegu@gmail.com


This is the purse that I made: No bad!!!

If you want to create these purses yourself follow the instructions in this page:


Hey here is a new cool idea to recycle this Juice pouches,  your pet will love it.  A pet placemat.
Because these juice puches are totally easy to clean.

This place mat is perfect to keep clean your floor where your pet eat, and it is very easy to clean.

My daughter's puppy looks so pleased with his new place mat !!!
Have fun recycling and helping to save our planet earth.
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