April 27, 2009

How to start a recycling program?

To start a recycling program there are a lor of resources, specially in the web.

I decided to start a recycling program myself in my work place and I began to search for any ideas and resources.

In some states like California you actually get some cash for you empty cans and bottles, It is a nice way to get extra cash and at the same time helps the earth.

By clicking on this link: recycle bottles and cans I ordered a new recycle kit to start.

I ordered my recycling started kit and in about 2 weeks I got by the mail a very nice box to collect the cans and bottles.

 I probably will use the cash that I get to buy some water or candies for the people in the office.

I love my new recycle box!!! . This program is soo easy to start and it is Free!!! you can do it in the gym, in the school, in church... Get everybody involve.